We are Specialists in Solar, Backup Power, Car Charger Systems and Home Automation!

Alternative Electrical Systems is all about getting you set up for most anything. Our trained specialists are able to assess the job. We stay current with the latest technology, whatever your needs may be.

Home Automation

We can add automation to your home wiring, giving you controls for home theaters, pool and patio areas, or any other device in any room. Not only does this bring convenience, it saves money: if you automated every light in your home to dim to 90 percent, you would save 10 percent on your lighting costs! Vantage home automation: one more option to help you manage energy use and expense. Call us today for more information about how you can save with the latest technology.
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About Alternative Electrical Systems

Alternative Electrical Systems (AES) is a division of Carnahan Electric Ltd, (CA Lic 423462) a company established in the Placerville area. AES was formed prior to Y2K to anticipate the need of supplying homes and businesses with ways of creating alternative power that Carnahan Electric provided during the scare of Y2K. Carnahan Electric continues to do the installation and AES supplies the alternative power system you need. The owner of AES, John Carnahan, offers several alternative electrical system options: generators, solar panels, car charger systems, home automation, wind, hydro, etc.

Subsidiary Business of Carnahan Electric

Alternative Electrical Systems is a subsidiary business of Carnahan Electric that works to provide the electrical system(s) you need and then Carnahan Electric installs them. The same electrical specialist team works for both Alternative Electrical Systems and for Carnahan Electric.

Let us know your electrical need and we will send Carnahan Electric to do the job!

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