Car Charger Systems

Car Charger Systems are a great way to make sure your electric or hybrid vehicle always has power. When contemplating buying a hybrid or electric vehicle you will need a car charger system to plug your vehicle into when you get home. If you need help choosing the right car charger system for your vehicle then contact us and we will help you out!

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Here are some of the Car Charger Systems we provide. If you would like one installed then please contact Carnahan Electric by filling out the form on their Consulting page or give them a call!

Car Charger System Information


Fast Charge Vs. Slow Charge

Most car charging is done at home and the car comes with an electrical cord that plugs into a regular electrical outlet. You can charge the car by using the onboard charger that is inside the car. This takes longer than an EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment). An EVSE is usually referred to as a “home charger” or “wall charger.” It is any device that brings AC power to your car, where it is converted into DC power. Using the onboard charger it fills your car’s battery. To learn more checkout EVObsession.

Car Charging Increases Business

It takes longer for electric cars to be recharged than to fuel your car at the gas station. If businesses, like restaurants, put in electric car charging systems then they could make money off of charging their customers' cars as well as feeding them. The customers are happy to be efficient with their down time. Right now, not many businesses have car charger systems. This makes it a good opportunity to install some and capture that extra businesses from people who own electric vehicles.

Country Sites

Check out the app EV Charge Hub to find a Car Charging Station near you!

Home Units

Fun Fact

Many of the old Pony Express stops have turned into Car Charging Stations.

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