We Are Specialists in Solar and Back-up Power!

Alternative Electrical Systems (AES) is a division of Carnahan Electric Ltd, (CA Lic 423462) a company long-established in the Placerville area. You can call us at 530.642.2476. Prior to year 2000, Y2K concerns caused many customers of Carnahan Electric to ask about emergency power options. Owner John Carnahan already offered solar panels and generators for emergency back-up, so options were available, and when Y2K concerns faded, Alternative Electrical Systems was started to continue addressing this need. Today the main concerns at AES are assembling solar systems for daily use, and safe, propane-powered generators for the back-up power you'll need when a storm or other problem leaves you in the dark. We can also help you with wind or hydro power if, for instance, you have a vacation property along the north coast, or a strong flow of water on your property, but these are less likely needs for general use in El Dorado County.

Alternative Electrical Systems has a reputation for helping you get what you need: no more, no less. We do not represent any one particular product at the expense of “forgetting” to mention one that may be a better choice. We stay up-to-date on equipment and can explain when you need the latest and when you can hold back. We work with certified electricians at Carnahan Electric, and that should matter; you are investing in quality equipment that you can rely on, installed by a company that will be here when you have questions or need technical help. You can be confident in your decision to invest in reliable power, properly installed by a company you can trust to do things the right way. We have an A+ rating with BBB. Please call us at 530 642 2476, or send us a note with your questions.

AES is ready and able to help home and business owners who are located near Hwy 50, from Cameron Park to Stateline, but we will travel as far as Yerrington, Nevada (yes, we are licensed for working in Nevada.) We have installed equipment for property owners all around Lake Tahoe, and we handled the electrical work for the recently-built CHP facility there.

It’s About Electrical Security

Alternative Electrical Systems is all about getting you set up to be prepared for most anything! If you commute to Sacramento, would it be in inconvenience to have the power go out at 6:30 a.m. on a week day? If you one of the growing number of people who work at home, what would you do if the power went out for the day? There are many reasons to plan for the expected unexpected; we know that the power will go out at times, we just don’t know when.

If you have a mountain property where you might enjoy a cozy winter fire, that's great. But what if the snow load takes down wires and you are left with no way to run your pellet stove, let alone pump water or cook? We have installed solar panels for just such a home. When a forest fire took out the power lines in an area near Kyburz, we added solar panels for the home owner and made them self-sufficient. You could add a propane-powered generator, solar panels, or both, removing the chances of your being caught unprepared for an outage, and probably saving you money in the long run!

You tell us what you want , we'll tell you what can be done to accomplish your dream; we install your new equipment and make sure you know how to use it, then we go away. If at any time you have other electrical questions or problems, just call. We'll be right here and ready to offer service.

Our primary service area: from Cameron Park to Lake Tahoe, and into Yerrington, NV.